27 October 2015

The Underwater Menace

“Nothing in zee world can stop me now…..”
Funny how expectations change in just a couple of years. After the emergence of `Web of Fear` and `Enemy of the World` we were anticipating a huge haul of new old Doctor Who if the rumours were to be believed.  Now we’re just happy to welcome the extant `Underwater Menace`. Whereas we could be fairly sure of the calibre of 2013’s releases most of us have seen enough of this story to know it is not going to be reborn as a classic. Fans of a certain vintage will remember a particularly garish Doctor Who Magazine feature about it and we are all well acquainted with the notorious accent of Professor Zaroff and the garish appearance of the Fish People so it would be fair to say anticipation is hovering somewhat South of fever pitch.
"Ethel- stop your interpretive dance, we have guests" 

7 October 2015

Faze fanzine special 20th anniversary issue alert!!!!!

After fourteen and a half years the acclaimed fanzine Faze is back, Back, BACK!!
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first issue we've created a brand new one.
Issue 25 includes: 
Key changes in media, tech, entertainment and the world in the past twenty years
Doctor Who’s Anniversary Stories – The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors and Day of the Doctor
One Glorious Year- Doctor Who 1964 mini mag
The 1983 Longleat event
It Is Midnight, Doctor Schweitzer- the story of the oldest surviving British television drama
Catching the bus!
Henry Van Statten’s Dalek- where did it come from?
Doctor in Distress- the worst song ever?
Plus Pat & Co, The UNIT Family and more!
Writers: Tim Worthington, Sean Alexander, John Connors, Oliver Wake, Chris Arnsby
What's more it is totally free!
You can view a downloadable PDF or a printed version or even both.
Limited Edition Print Version
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(The message goes to a personal webmail account and will not be seen by anyone else)
Download Version
Click on the links below to view. The links open into a new window and the issue may take about 10 seconds to appear.
Main Issue - Faze Issue 25
1964 Mini Mag - 
One Glorious Year 1964 Mini Mag

Please let me know someone if any of this doesn't work. If you don't like the issue please don't let me know.

Check out our Pages looking back at the zine and also some of the covers - see links on top right hand column. 

2 October 2015

12 Ideas for Doctor Who Spin off series!

With the news of a new Doctor Who spin off starting next year as part of the online BBC3, Doctor Who has already had more offshoots than most UK tv shows. Class joins The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood to become the third drama spin off from the show. Interestingly each of these has been aimed at a different audience; SJA for pre and younger teens, Torchwood for older teens and (supposedly) adults while Class appears to be something for the audience in between those two. None of the three would seem to be a natural spin off.  Each appears to box its participants into a small location- at least Torchwood had a whole city whereas Sarah Jane and co seemed duty bound only to deal with alien incursions in their neighbourhood. Class is seemingly set in one school though it is Coal Hill School which will probably be at the nexus of a inter galactic vortex interface or something. Funny thing is Doctor Who ’s history is packed with more obvious- or intriguing- spin offs so long as you don’t think about budget! So to celebrate the arrival of Class, here’s our ready reckoner guide to 12 other potential Doctor Who spin offs…
In episode 1 of `Class` an android policeman plans to steal the spooky school to use as a spaceship. Possibly.